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Why Treating Your Casino Gaming as a Business Can Help Calculate Your Winnings

For some, logging on and playing the occasional casino game is little more than that: An occasional hob indulged in every now again, perhaps in those all-too-rare moments of downtime, or for a few hours at the end of a long, hard week at the office.

For others, its a serious pursuit, one undertaken with gusto aplenty and a serious investment of time and energy, if not cash.

Find yourself in the former camp, and keeping on top of things may not be an issue. An hour or two round the virtual poker table, or watching the reels spin on a slot game, isn’t too difficult to monitor. Even if it was, you’re not sure it would matter too much. Win or lose, you’ve happily whiled away an hour or two, and ultimately that’s all that counts.

Identify more with the former, and casino calculation and tracking is likely to hold a much greater appeal.

After all, you’re as passionate -not to mention dedicated- to your favourite games as you ever have been about anything. Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether all that time and effort is reaping positive rewards?


If you’re spending a significant number of hours working towards those big jackpot prizes, you might find it helpful to treat it as something akin to a business.

In all probability, you may already be doing so without really thinking about it.

All businesses have a budget, a strategy for success, and the unavoidable certainty that you’ll need to crack your knuckles and get to work in achieving that success.

Call us crazy, but that doesn’t sound too dissimilar from a session at an online casino, where you’ll have chosen how much you’re willing to spend, decided on the best tricks and techniques to win the jackpot, and put the work in at the table, slot machine or roulette wheel in.

Calculate your R.O.I

The similarities don’t end there. As any good business owner will tell you, working out the return on investment of their efforts plays a crucial role in their ongoing success. It shows them what’s working, what isn’t, what they could be doing better and, ultimately, whether they’re actually turning a profit from their investment of time, money and resources.

There’s no reason you couldn’t be doing exactly the same thing with your gambling enterprise.


Whether you download a casino tracking app, open up a spreadsheet or simply keep a notebook handy for your gaming sessions, you’ll soon start to see just how much you’re winning, or losing, at your online casino.

Keep tabs on the different games you play, how much you spend on them, and how much you walk away with.

When you look at the data later down the line, you’ll have a good idea of which games are really worth your time, eliminating those that only end up costing you money in the long run.

Tips for Choosing the best online gambling portal for you

Gambling online offers the ultimate experience of playing casino. But you’ll get the best treat of playing casino online only if you are in a position to choose the best portal for you. With hundred options of online casino portals to choose from, you may get confused to select the best one for you. The special deals and the extra bonus of a particular portal may attract you, but before deciding upon to choose one for yourself make sure that you research well about that particular site.

There is a basic level of info that you may need to know in order to choose the best one out of the lot. You need to be thorough about every niche and particulars about how to select the most reliable portal to play casino .

It’s not only the services and types of games offered a particular site that is to be taken into consideration while choosing a portal for online gambling. Your choice and preferences also matters a lot in making the selection. If you hold a wide ranging taste, you can consider spending time spinning the reels featuring Egyptian princesses, or may try hitting a bonus feature.

There’re several sites that offer a wide variety of choices. But it’s not so easy for to you to choose the one that’s best for you.

Here’re a few tips that will help you in deciding which is the best portal for you:

What type of game do you love to play?- A number of sites advertise heavily through posters, TV and ad portals. You simply need to track them and check out for the games you desire to play.

Check out the user experience/reviews – How easy is creating an account and how easy/straightforward is to navigate the site? You may take recommendations from friends about the particular site- where they have signed in and about their experience of playing casino on various casino sites or may check out the reviews laid the previous users of the site. Some of the sites also feature informative YouTube tutorials which can help you to make the right decision.

Check out for the welcoming bonuses for joining the site- Do not turn blindsided the sites that offer thousands of slot dollars for free. It’s likely that you will have to make the first deposit of the amount and play at high levels in order to redeem the bonuses fully.

Take your time and make your decision- The online casinos offer a lot of promotions, deals, offers, and prizes with the intention to tempt you to sign in at their portal. So it’s wise not to take any decision in hurry. Take enough time before making your decision, you may try out the free plays laid the site then choose a site. If you are satisfied only then you should register your details to play your favorite casino table and slot games online.

Have fun playing your favorite casino game online!

How to Make Money Through Online Gambling

There aren’t any reliable or mathematically-proven ways to make money through online gambling. It’s inevitable to lose money while trying your luck at gambling. And there isn’t any way to overcome the house’s edge. But still, there are a few ways/methods that could prove to be quite helpful when playing casino online.


Card Counting

This is one of the most popular advantage gambling methods. It is often used the players while playing Baccarat and Blackjack. But theoretically, this method can be used in other card games as well. This method is based on the concepts of probability and statistics. The game holds the sets of cards enhancing the benefits of the player, and there’re sets of cards benefiting the dealer more.

Card counting is basically about keeping the track of the cards that are already in the game. It’s about figuring out the probability of the cards benefiting the player as the game progresses. You should also consider adjusting your strategy to the game.

Shuffle Tracking

This advanced advantage gambling technique is used in together with the card counting technique. As is suggested its name, this technique is all about keeping the track of certain series of the cards through shuffles that are done subsequently.

Dice Control/Control Shooting
Dice control popularly known as dice setting and controlled shooting is another great advantage gambling method that’s used in the casino craps games. The users of this technique claim that using this technique, one can overcome the house’s advantage easily.

Wheel Bias

Each and every roulette table features strict and precise standards. But in reality, every roulette table is absolutely unique. There are just slight differences that stand to define each’s identity. The older roulette tables may pose with a bias towards a certain zone or number. Exploiting and finding this bias is termed as wheel bias. This roulette advantage gambling technique is the only one of its kind.

Angle Shooting

Angle shooting basically refers to a legal but unethical way to beat the card games. In short, angle shooting involves using unfair tactics. This technique is usually used in online Poker. But technically this technique can be used in all card games.

Comp Hustling

Comp hustling is equivalent to “bonus hunting” and “casino whoring”. This technique features the idea of gambling very slowly and that too on the low house edge games such as penny slots and casino craps. This technique may not help you to increase the amount when a pit boss or a floor manager makes a check upon you evaluating your comp points. Moreover, comp hustlers might also take frequent breaks from the play. So to get the best out of this technique to consider playing at full tables dealing with fewer hands every hour, also play slowly considering each and every move. At the same time, you also need to keep in mind that the comp value you receive must be greater in comparison with your losses.

Visiting as often as you want

For most people the idea of gambling online anytime they want too can be very exciting. It can also be very scary as well if players are not as advanced in their skills or their bank accounts are not allowing them to be able to play. Of course the smart gambler will never play with money that they cannot afford to lose but there are always going to be times we need you will want to visit an online casino just to see what they are about. Whenever you hear of a new one opening you will probably want to visit it right away to decide whether not you were going to download the software onto your computer so that you can play when you can afford it.

The good news about a lot of these online casinos is that they have the free play area where you can visit as often as you want. For this reason, you don’t need to have any money at all in order to practice some of your poker skills or play a few rounds of blackjack. That being said, there are going to be many times when plain for free is just not going to cut it. If you are like most people you are going to budget gambling into your lives so that you can play whenever you want. Of course, in this economy that is a lot easier said than done.

Even though you may not be able to play as often as you want, you will be comforted the fact that it’s the online casino industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, you will be able to play it wants your bank account in your time commitments will allow you to you. There is no reason to fret about not being able to take part in these games because you will be welcomed back with open arms whenever the opportunity does arise. In the meantime, take the time to learn a little bit more and hone in on your skills so that you can be competitive with some of the other people that you are playing with or against.

How to Improve Your Poker Profits

The inexperienced players hold a number of queries in regard to improve their poker game. And one of the most popular is “Can I make a huge amount of money playing poker?” Well, the answer is quite simple, Of course “yes”. But that may be too much of a simplistic way of replying the question in comparison to the seriousness of the situation. Because poker online is a game that features ever changing dynamics. Thus, it makes winning the poker game a little more difficult and complicated. So it is very important to assess whether/ not you’ve the required skill in order to set your game on at a profit generating level.

The enlisted heads outline a few vital points that you need to consider if you are desirous of achieving a realistic win at the tables-

How much can an average player earn?

This is a little difficult question to answer. But on looking at the things pragmatically you can form few general guidelines. The very first thing to be noted is that the rate and amount at which the players earn money will vary quite drastically depending on the game type that is whether they’re playing cash games or tournaments.

It’s often assumed from afar that the top tournament players of poker earn huge amount of money every year. The is because generally poker news outlets focus more on the festival’s big winners and they don’t take the money they have spent on the buy-ins into account. And since the actual amount of money a tournament player makes are taken into account subtracting the winnings from the buy-ins which turns out to be much less than you would assume.

In comparison to the tournament players the cash game grinders often make a more amount of money on a consistent basis, but often they fail to achieve the highest scores that are associated with deep MTT runs. The format you select will be the matter of personal skill and preference. But generally a proficient ring game player can be expected to earn around five big blinds over each 100 hands online.

Obviously the game’s size (full ring or six-max) and the stakes you are playing will obviously affect the amount you win. However, you can class almost anything as a good win rate.

But there is an exception to this rule that is the live arena. Generally, the online cash games are tougher in comparison to the physical confrontations. This means that you can expect a bigger win in a live setting. But that may not be compulsorily right always. If you are a good player, you can easily track the concrete numbers easily, and can make approx. 8bb-10bb/ 100. However, whether its online or a land based casino, the amount you can actually make every hour can be more if you play more hands.