How to Make Money Through Online Gambling

How to Make Money Through Online Gambling

There aren’t any reliable or mathematically-proven ways to make money through online gambling. It’s inevitable to lose money while trying your luck at gambling. And there isn’t any way to overcome the house’s edge. But still, there are a few ways/methods that could prove to be quite helpful when playing casino online.


Card Counting

This is one of the most popular advantage gambling methods. It is often used the players while playing Baccarat and Blackjack. But theoretically, this method can be used in other card games as well. This method is based on the concepts of probability and statistics. The game holds the sets of cards enhancing the benefits of the player, and there’re sets of cards benefiting the dealer more.

Card counting is basically about keeping the track of the cards that are already in the game. It’s about figuring out the probability of the cards benefiting the player as the game progresses. You should also consider adjusting your strategy to the game.

Shuffle Tracking

This advanced advantage gambling technique is used in together with the card counting technique. As is suggested its name, this technique is all about keeping the track of certain series of the cards through shuffles that are done subsequently.

Dice Control/Control Shooting
Dice control popularly known as dice setting and controlled shooting is another great advantage gambling method that’s used in the casino craps games. The users of this technique claim that using this technique, one can overcome the house’s advantage easily.

Wheel Bias

Each and every roulette table features strict and precise standards. But in reality, every roulette table is absolutely unique. There are just slight differences that stand to define each’s identity. The older roulette tables may pose with a bias towards a certain zone or number. Exploiting and finding this bias is termed as wheel bias. This roulette advantage gambling technique is the only one of its kind.

Angle Shooting

Angle shooting basically refers to a legal but unethical way to beat the card games. In short, angle shooting involves using unfair tactics. This technique is usually used in online Poker. But technically this technique can be used in all card games.

Comp Hustling

Comp hustling is equivalent to “bonus hunting” and “casino whoring”. This technique features the idea of gambling very slowly and that too on the low house edge games such as penny slots and casino craps. This technique may not help you to increase the amount when a pit boss or a floor manager makes a check upon you evaluating your comp points. Moreover, comp hustlers might also take frequent breaks from the play. So to get the best out of this technique to consider playing at full tables dealing with fewer hands every hour, also play slowly considering each and every move. At the same time, you also need to keep in mind that the comp value you receive must be greater in comparison with your losses.

Denise Crawford