Why Treating Your Casino Gaming as a Business Can Help Calculate Your Winnings

Why Treating Your Casino Gaming as a Business Can Help Calculate Your Winnings

For some, logging on and playing the occasional casino game is little more than that: An occasional hob indulged in every now again, perhaps in those all-too-rare moments of downtime, or for a few hours at the end of a long, hard week at the office.

For others, its a serious pursuit, one undertaken with gusto aplenty and a serious investment of time and energy, if not cash.

Find yourself in the former camp, and keeping on top of things may not be an issue. An hour or two round the virtual poker table, or watching the reels spin on a slot game, isn’t too difficult to monitor. Even if it was, you’re not sure it would matter too much. Win or lose, you’ve happily whiled away an hour or two, and ultimately that’s all that counts.

Identify more with the former, and casino calculation and tracking is likely to hold a much greater appeal.

After all, you’re as passionate -not to mention dedicated- to your favourite games as you ever have been about anything. Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether all that time and effort is reaping positive rewards?


If you’re spending a significant number of hours working towards those big jackpot prizes, you might find it helpful to treat it as something akin to a business.

In all probability, you may already be doing so without really thinking about it.

All businesses have a budget, a strategy for success, and the unavoidable certainty that you’ll need to crack your knuckles and get to work in achieving that success.

Call us crazy, but that doesn’t sound too dissimilar from a session at an online casino, where you’ll have chosen how much you’re willing to spend, decided on the best tricks and techniques to win the jackpot, and put the work in at the table, slot machine or roulette wheel in.

Calculate your R.O.I

The similarities don’t end there. As any good business owner will tell you, working out the return on investment of their efforts plays a crucial role in their ongoing success. It shows them what’s working, what isn’t, what they could be doing better and, ultimately, whether they’re actually turning a profit from their investment of time, money and resources.

There’s no reason you couldn’t be doing exactly the same thing with your gambling enterprise.


Whether you download a casino tracking app, open up a spreadsheet or simply keep a notebook handy for your gaming sessions, you’ll soon start to see just how much you’re winning, or losing, at your online casino.

Keep tabs on the different games you play, how much you spend on them, and how much you walk away with.

When you look at the data later down the line, you’ll have a good idea of which games are really worth your time, eliminating those that only end up costing you money in the long run.

Denise Crawford